Introducing The Next Generation of Liquid Pharmaceutical Waste Management.

RxCarbon® Pad

RxCarbon® Poly


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RxCarbon® LLC is announcing the launch of its USP800-compliant infusion pad and clean-up wipe that sequesters hazardous and controlled drugs. As the only product of its kind able to sequester hazardous liquid drugs in healthcare settings at an equal to or lower cost than existing pads, RxCarbon LLC is set to disrupt the surface protection and clean-up wipe market…. READ MORE

NEW 11″ x 17″ Poly

Delivered FLAT (no folds)
Available in Sterile and Non-Sterile
RxCarbon Poly 11x17

The Right Pad for Your Needs

Do you need to protect surfaces from hazardous drug spills? Do you need to wipe up HD spills?

RxCarbon® Poly


RxCarbon Poly

12″ x 12″ and 11″ x 17″

Do you need to prevent controlled substance diversion in your existing waste containers?

RxCarbon® Pad


RxCarbon Pad Large and Small

12″ x 12″ and 3″ x 9″

Controlled Substance & Hazardous Drug (HD) aDsorption and Liquid aBsorption

We Have You Covered

Preventing illegal diversion or complying with USP <800>, RxCarbon and RxCarbon Poly will prevent pharmaceutical waste from entering the environment.

RxCarbon is used inside existing sharps, RCRA hazardous, and non-hazardous pharmaceutical waste containers, preventing illicit diversion of pharmaceuticals.

RxCarbon Poly protects surfaces from HD/oncology liquid contamination during:

1. Shipping

2. Storage

3. Compounding

4. Infusion

5. Spills

RxCarbon Poly

RxCarbon Poly

12″x 12″
  • 150 ml spill capacity.
  • Absorbent pad with layers of RP718 pharmaceutical grade activated carbon to adsorb hazardous drug waste. Placed on surfaces or as a wipe for spills.
  • RxCarbon Poly protects surfaces during transport, storage, compounding, and infusions.
  • Virtually eliminates cross-contamination of liquid hazardous drugs.
  • Meets ISO 9073-10 and BS EN 13795 standards for low lint and low particulate matter.
RxCarbon Pad Large and Small

RxCarbon Pad

Large – 12″x 12″ ; Small – 3″x9″
  • Absorbent pad sandwiched by layers of RP718 pharmaceutical grade activated carbon to adsorb and deactivate liquid controlled substances.
  • Liquid controlled substances are sequestered whether they enter the pad from the top or the bottom of the pad.
  • Place RxCarbon Pad in sharps, nonhazardous and RCRA pharmaceutical waste containers.
  • The capacity of these pads are 500 ml for the Large and 120 ml for the Small.

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Take a moment to learn more about both RxCarbon Pad and RxCarbon Poly.

RxCarbon Poly

Protect surfaces for USP <800> compliance

RxCarbon Poly is for you.

RxCarbon Poly prevents hazardous drug surface contamination by sequestering and adsorbing hazardous drugs with activated carbon. Use RxCarbon Poly to reduce hazardous drug exposure risks associated with surface contamination, and as a wipe for spills.

Protect your employees, patients, and the environment.

Use RxCarbon Poly as a Wipe

Add RxCarbon wipe to your HD spill kits.

Don’t just absorb HD spills

Deactivate them with RxCarbon Poly Wipes

Contains proprietary activated Carbon RP718, which is proven to adsorb and deactivate hazardous drugs

Use RxCarbon Poly During Oncology
RxCarbon Poly

Peace of Mind

Adopt a policy of squirting excess controlled substances on an RxCarbon Pad to eliminate the problem of nefarious diversion. Place RxCarbon Pad on surface or in a regulated waste container in every room controlled substances are administered.

RxCarbon Pad Large and Small

Eliminate Controlled Substance Diversion

RxCarbon Pad sequesters and aDsorbs controlled substances with layers of our proprietary RP718 activated carbon.

EPA & DEA Compliant

“In support of DEA’s guidance, EPA strongly recommends that any container that is used to collect pharmaceutical wastage that will include DEA controlled substances contain some sort of absorbent in order to bind or chemically alter the contents and thus deter the diversion of the collection container for controlled substance recovery.”
From EPA Final Rule: Pre-Publication of Management Standards for Hazardous WastePharmaceuticals, page 310.

In the 2022 EPA sponsored study, titled A 10-Step Blueprint for Managing Pharmaceutical Waste in US Healthcare Facilities, (PDF available at it states if a syringe is not emptied by administering its contents, then the unadministered medication may also be emptied onto a carbon sequestration pad in the appropriate pharmaceutical waste container. (Study available at

Place RxCarbon Pads in your existing Hazardous Waste Containers, or simply purchase containers already equipped with RxCarbon Pads.

rxcarbonpad in container--see-through--multiple containers

Use Existing Containers

RCA Containers

RxCarbon Pad is used inside existing sharps,
RCRA hazardous, and non-hazardous pharmaceutical waste containers as a failsafe method of protecting the environment and eliminating illegal diversion.

Absorbent & Adsorbent

close up RxCarbon Pad

RxCarbon Pad is a patent pending, low cost, absorbent pad, sandwiched by our RP718 adsorbent activated carbon layers.

Activated carbon holds on to
drugs and doesn’t let go!



Protect your employees, your patients, the environment. RxCarbon Pad eliminates pharmaceuticals from entering our drinking water.


EPA logo

Comply with EPA new regulations banning drain disposal of hazardous drugs and suggested banning of sewer disposal of all drugs and comply with USP <800> protecting against hazardous drug contamination and exposure.

Keep Doing It

Regardless of which pharmaceutical disposal device or option you are currently using, you can ensure that all controlled substances are deactivated and sequestered, even if nurses and doctors choose to squirt them into the most available container.


When it comes to pharma waste disposal, the ‘dirty little secret’ is: healthcare practitioners already squirt excess pharma waste into sharps containers. Why? Because it’s logical, it makes sense, it’s safer and it’s intuitive.

About Us

Waste & Compliance Management Inc. (WCM) has been in business since 2003. We manufacture products that make regulated waste compliance, easy and inexpensive. We started with 3 products and have organically grown to about a dozen different products under the WasteWise® brand. We saw the problem of nefarious diversion of narcotic waste and surface contamination by hazardous oncology liquids, and felt that developing a product to solve these problems was a natural extension of our product line. This led to the development of RxCarbon; an inexpensive and common sense solution to USP <800>, OSHA, EPA and DEA compliance.

The RxCarbon Story

We wanted a product to eliminate nefarious diversion of narcotics. We chose a proven method of deactivating narcotics and hazardous pharmacology, we just wanted to use it in a more sensible way than it was currently being used i.e. a central disposal location using a separate container. We didn’t want a ‘me too’ product. We were not going to settle for anything less than a unique product that was easy to use, inexpensive, compliant, intuitive and utilized containers already being used for regulated waste… READ MORE


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